About ProLeadRx


Maximize ResourcesProLeadRx Consulting provides clients custom solutions to optimize the health of the organization and enhance the image presented to the public. A healthy organization is not optimal if there is a negative reputation in the eyes of consumers. ProLeadRx Consulting can assess both the culture within the organization and the reputation perceived by consumers. Following assessment, a customized strategy is designed and implementation steps are recommended. Strategies are no good unless they can be measured. A custom assessment is then used to determine progress of strategy implementation. The success of our clients hinges on our ability to assess the current situation, design the correct strategic approach, and help follow-through on implementation.

Organizational Health

ProLeadRx Cosulting works with leaders, departments, and teams to strategically align operational goals while enhancing talents through customized training and development workshops, assessments, and executive coaching.

Technology Consultation

Does your organization have a strong technology foundation? ProLeadRx Consulting can discuss your current state and design a custom strategy to optimize organizational design, human resources development, and client-centered processes.

Organizational Image

ProLeadRx Consulting provides clients with expert organizational image consultation. Organizational image comprises of all advertising, social media, branding, communications, and public relations. A successful strategy builds trustworthy credibility. Consumers do judge organizations by the cover and within. How does your cover look?